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The Stevenson-Wheeler family were the winners of our most recent photography competition. They were lucky enough to win the top prize of a photo shoot in our Leicestershire studio and a 20″ image of their choice all worth £750! Well they just went for it, there was costumes, tickles, rocking out, jumping, posing, trumps, you name it. There was so much fun and energy in that photo shoot it was quite an experience and a pleasure to photograph. We ended up with fun photos, beautiful photographs and some real stunning images of the family and kids that we are currently turning into beautiful wall art. I always say to families in my photo shoots “you are the only people in the world that will see these photos, unless you love them. So you may as well just go for it”. And believe you me, they did…

Our most recent winners of our monthly photography competition, here are the Kirk family, Robert & Rebecca and their little 2 year old, pocket rocket Ralf. Robert is a diary farmer here in Leicester and to say that Ralf is a chip off the old block is an understatement. The photo shoot was full of energy, fun and the favourite thing in Ralf’s world a big green tractor. Ralf is tractor mad! and this was the perfect thing to bring to the studio photo shoot to show who Ralf is and what he’s all about. A fun family photography session with both fun and beautiful images.

All our family photo shoots, here in the studio, are dear to us but some can be a little more challenging but ever so rewarding. Introducing the Jennings family, dad Nyall, mum Emma, their little 4 year old Elzee and 7 year old Joel who is autistic.

When I photograph a family with a child on the autism spectrum all the rules about shoot structure go out the window. Instead I like to start by getting us all sat down on the floor and just starting a gentle session of play or whatever works best to settle everyone down. I just let the session unfold in its own way, gently trying this and that to just see where we go. Always making sure that we spend time with all of the children to ensure everyone has a fun photo shoot experience.

I am lucky to say that I do enjoy a lot of success with these shoots and when I see mum and dad’s reaction at the viewing it gives me a very emotional sense of satisfaction and pride. I made a joke at the viewing session with Nyall and Emma that I started out in my photography career wanting to be the next David Bailey but ended up as Mr Tumble! I wouldn’t change that for the world…

All family photo shoots, photography viewings and pre photo shoot meetings had to be cancelled this week because Sally slipped over and broke her ankle. We’re really sorry for any inconvenienced caused, as we’ve had some wonderful family photo shoots recently and we know people were really keen to come and view them. But me and Sally sent most of the week in and out of various hospitals as a course of action for Sally’s ankle was decided upon. We are happy to say, Sally doesn’t need the surgery we all thought she did at the start of the week and normal(ish) service is resumed from today and its all steam ahead with today’s studio photo shoots.

This is one of my favourite photography portraits that I have ever taken in our Lutterworth studio. After what was a really good fun family photoshoot at our studio we moved on to a fine art portrait photography session. Fine art photography sessions are much lower in energy than our family photoshoots but through a relaxed atmosphere, classical Rembrandt lighting and a relaxed subject we achieved a real insight into the personality of our subject. Through this calm and steady gauze into the lens we achieved a real piece of photographic portrait art that I am really proud of.

Our fine art photography sessions can be added to a family photo shoot if we get a little notice. We just fine that it is better to have a little more time in the session. Not just for light and outfit changes but just to get the pace of the fine art photography session just right. We also like to have a discussion with our photography clients about fine art sessions just to discuss what colours and types of clothes are going to work best in the session.
Fine Art Photography